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All the flavours of our cuisine



Try out Trentino's authentic flavours

Traditional recipes, 0-mile ingredients and passion

We have opted for quality, traditions and healthy eating. With our chefs Daniele and Valerio, father and son, Hotel Miravalle produces delicacies which will introduce you to the authentic flavours and ingredients of our land. The local area is our starting point with its traditional recipes and raw materials. But there are also classics of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine which supplement our flavour-packed menu.

Morning treats

The morning begins sweetly at Hotel Miravalle. Our breakfast is full and appetising with a wide range of cakes and biscuits made using our home made jams. A tasty way to recharge your batteries for the day ahead.

A menu to explore

Every day our menu treats you to traditional Trentino and Italian dishes. And then there’s our selection of vegetables, salads and side dishes, for those wanting something light, and special children’s menus.


Our menus are homemade and prioritise 0-miles Trentino ingredients. Quality plus atmosphere: every Friday we organise traditional Trentino dinners made up of local recipes. Lastly, for a one-of-a kind experience, we organise lunches at our historic farmhouse in Nembia where we cook our local dishes on site.

0-miles quality

Ours is a local cuisine. We make our dishes using local ingredients. Here you can try out all the Trentino region’s products: cheeses, speck, local honey, the jams we make ourselves at home, tasty ciuìga (San Lorenzo Dorsino’s characteristic salame), mushrooms from Dolomite forests, yoghurt and milk made from the milk of cows pastured on our meadows and, lastly, wild Cornelian cherries in syrup.

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